Sunday, October 27, 2013

Love This...

My Dad showed Trevor & I this music video and we are now obssesed with it!

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Trevor and I signed up for the Xterra Trail race at Snow Basin Ski Resort. It was our first time running a trail race, we didn't really think it would be that hard (well at least I didn't) . I almost signed us both up for the 10K trail race… & GOOD THING I DIDN'T  It was the hardest race I have ever ran in & Trevor would agree with me. They had a 21K, 10K, & 5K we did the 5K race. The first mile was straight up hill like STRAIGHT UP HILL not exaggerating when I say that. After we ran the MASSIVE hill it was mostly flat and uphill for the next mile, & on the last mile and a half it was straight downhill. Mind you this is on a narrow trail with big rocks, gravel, and tree roots. This race kicked our butts the first part of the race I seriously was thinking of turning around and going homeJ I felt so sick the first part of it I felt really light headed like the elevation was starting to make me sick. Even after all this complaining about how hard this race was, Trevor and I loved it, & decided we are going to run Xterra Trail race again. Next time we will actually train better for it & maybe do the 10KJ 

Our Little Family.

My little sister took some super cute pics of Trevor & I with our puppy dogs! Here are a few of the pics...